TEX MVP server

TEX MVP server

General characteristics:

  • GPRS connection supervision
  • LAN and WAN connection monitoring
  • Registering events in the database
  • MVP soft client for event reception
  • Redundant server option

Technical data:

  • Robust, industrial design
  • Unix-based system
  • Coding 128 bits
  • 2 network adapters
  • IP connection with client PC 

Server Features:

  • Configuration via web graphical interface, tracking system status and event traffic
  • Opportunity to build complex multi-site dispatch solutions by using configurable customer grouping
  • Advanced security by installing the server in a collocation space: dispatchers receive events over the Internet with client software, so if the Internet connection is lost on the dispatcher's side, the events can be directed to the backup dispatch center  
  • Send events to dispatchers in a filtered and targeted manner (e.g., sending service and alarm events to the appropriate dispatchers)
  • The serial communication protocol between the MVP client software and the monitoring PC is consistent with the conventional PSTN receiver protocol, so it is ready for installation in existing dispatching systems   
  • Significantly large signal density and the ability to connect multiple devices (4,000 devices / TEX MVP server)
  • Bidirectional communication, status display of GPRS devices
  • Possibility of remote programming of connected GPRS devices

Other Features:

  • Dimensions 438 x 554 x 45 mm
  • Weight 11 kg
  • Power supply 230V AC

Reception options:

  • Receiving GPRS TELL Communicator Signals with Coded Protocol 
  • Reception of signals in multiple remote locations via client software 
  • Receiving IP signals
  • Sending signals received to the remote client software over the Internet
  • RS232 local port transmission of received signals
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Technical specifications

Dimensiuni 438 x 554 x 45 mm
Greutate 11 kg
Tensiune de alimentare 230V AC


Transmiterea prin internet a semnalelor primite catre soft client la distanta Da
Receptia semnalelor comunicatoarelor GPRS TELL cu protocol codat Da
Transmiterea prin port local RS232 a semnalelor primite Da