TMS Light

TMS Light

Our complex remote control software can be expanded at will, thanks to it's modular structure, thus satisfying most of remote control demands. With it's help, remote control of properties with more sites can be solved successfully.

Monitoring software for dispatcher for a single computer

Main Features:

  • Soft, expandable for dispatcher
  • Single computer version
  • Modern, reliable, high-security, modular architecture
  • Various and extensive functions
  • Available in English and Hungarian (can be translated individually in any language using the language manager software)

Embedded software modules:

  • Method of administration
  • Operator mode
  • Data management mode
  • How to save data
  • How to manage the parameters
  • Digital map generator

Options for extension:

  • Email extension mode: automatically send or initiate e-mail
  • SMS extension mode: sends SMS automatically to events receiving
  • Extension WebReport mode: viewing event log Internet
  • Extension initiator analog call mode: initiation call by simply clicking
  • Extension initiator VoIP call mode: initiation VoIP call by simply clicking

Software Options:

  • Category event reporting 
  • Temporarily disable test signal monitoring 
  • Modular Extension of Administrator Reports with Export Option 
  • Grouping clients 
  • Extended logging of user activities 
  • Operator Rights Management 
  • How to administer 
  • Remote display mode 
  • How to manage the parameters
  • Operator mode
  • How to save data
  • How to check the database server 
  • Harness generator mode
  • Data manager mode
  • GPS Coordinate Record Capability for Customers 
  • Simple report for days ago with a click 
  • Single customer report (multiple) select 
  • Simple report for any period in a few seconds 
  • Automatic Recurring Restrict 
  • Restriction of data management for operators 
  • Temporary client restriction 
  • Manually restricting event groups 
  • Temporary Restriction to Client Inventions 
  • Temples 
  • Automatic Network Save 
  • Manually save over the network 
  • Windows-compatible database server 
  • Single computer version 
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Technical specifications


Posibilitate inregistrare coordonate GPS pentru clienti Da
Raport simplu pentru 1,3,7,31 zile in urma printr-un click Da
Logarea extinsa a activitatilor de utilizator Da