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If you want to use our TELL Easytrack motorway payment system in Hungary, you need to register at with the mention that you want to use our system. After this registration, you will sign two contracts: a contract with NUSZ Zrt. and a contract with our company. More information can be found at in English, or by phone at the following numbers:

0743-119.286 and 0749-157.437

1. Information on the new toll payment system in Hungary

Starting July 1, 2013, electronic toll charges have been introduced in Hungary. This charge will be based on mileage. The new system, called HU-GO, is in line with European Union requirements and European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) directives.

Road tax is mandatory for all vehicles with a maximum weight of over 3.5 tons. The amount of payment will be proportional to the distance traveled, will depend on the type of road crossed (highway, national road), type of vehicle (J2, J3, J4), and emission class (E1, E2, E3, E4, E5 ). According to Government Decree 1361/2012, the toll-hour rates per kilometer are:

To pay the tax, there will be two payment options:

1) Using the ticket vouchers.

Road vouchers can be purchased via the internet at or at special points of sale located at border points, gas stations and NUSZ Zrt centers. When issuing the ticket, the starting point, destination point and maximum 4 intermediate points, vehicle registration number, country, emission class, axle number and vehicle size must be mentioned.

If the company and the vehicle are registered on the website, the voucher can be issued and paid up to 30 days in advance and can be surrendered up to 24 hours before the validity period. The company and vehicle registration will allow drivers at the toll points to enter only the route without introducing the other details of the vehicle.

2) Using HU-GO (OBU) payment devices.

HU-GO devices are GPS tracking devices that have been previously installed in vehicles by service providers of this type or have been recently purchased by the user. Devices are used to track the route traveled by the vehicle as well as to transmit this information to the monitoring service provider. The 
devices can be:

- integrable (can be purchased from your selected service provider and can be installed in service)

- installed (can be installed by the user within 10 minutes in any vehicle type, powered by a 12 V lighter / cigarette lighter).

Here you can find the list of all accepted vendorsAfter purchase of the device, it must be registered at or at a customer service point in Hungary, check its operation and then assign an OBU code that will allow the use of the registered device for payment of the tax of road.

2. Company and vehicle registration:

Registration is required for the use of the electronic toll collection system.

Where can I register?What data are required?
Registration for the purchase of a prepaid transit ticketThrough the Internet, visit or Customer Service pointsPersonal data, vehicle data, company data, contact data
Recording with an existing payment deviceThrough the Internet, visit or Customer Service pointsIn addition to the above data, the contract number with the reporting agent and the unit identification number on board is required.
Sign up for a new device purchaseThrough the Internet, at, at Customer Service Points or at Point of Sale PointsPersonal data, vehicle data, company data, contact details, and new device ID.

Attention: When registering your company at, please check the correct entry of the fiscal code, including the fiscal attribute RO .

3. Acquiring authorization to use roads in towing situations

In this case, three types of authorizations can be purchased:

1. In the case of towing on the platform: The towing vehicle must have an authorization corresponding to the tolling category. The towed vehicle does not need authorization because it is considered as a load.

2. In the case of towing a towing vehicle: The number of axles (towing category) of the towing vehicle will increase with the number of axles of the transported vehicle which is not high, ie it uses the toll road.

3. In case of towing with towing hook: Both the towing vehicle and towed vehicle must have a road use authorization.

4. Payment Control:

To control road toll payments, the Hungarian authorities have established 74 new fixed control sections and 45 new mobile control units in addition to existing equipment. In the case of non-payment of related road taxes, sanctions may be imposed in two ways:

- on the spot - the driver is stopped and sanctioned

- without stopping on the spot, based on the so-called objective liability imposed on the owner / operator registered for the vehicle.

In the case of foreign citizens, the fine applied without a stop can be collected retroactively, ie when the road user returns to Hungary.