Vehicle-tracking device with built-in GPS receiver, accredited for E-Toll declaration in Hungary. Among many others, it enables generating reports and diagrams, viewing vehicle positions, vehicle tracks and stop points on a map surface, as well as generating alerts and notifications based on configurable conditions, thus becoming an indispensable part of vehicle tracking and fleet management. Product variant with extra features.

Main features:

  • Suitable for E-Toll declaration in Hungary
  • GPRS data transfer
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Web interface
  • Connectable to car alarms
  • Programmable through USB and IP

FULL version functions:

  • RPM monitoring from alternator star point
  • RPM monitoring from alternator terminals - using interface
  • Data inputs: F1, F2, TEMP/RFID (fuel probes, temperature sensors, RFID reader)
  • Outputs: POWER OUT, OUT1, OUT2, Speaker
  • RFID proximity reader support for driver identification
  • CAN Adapter support

System characteristics:

  • Visualization and logging of position and route
  • Separation of business and private vehicle usage
  • Evaluation of speed, parking, trip duration, etc.
  • Sends SMS with actual vehicle position and traffic data
  • Actions triggered by events: forwards car alarm signals to remote monitoring station; sends SMS to the user's phone
  • Independent alarm functions: position change monitoring at stopped engine, alarms triggered by contact inputs

Operational options:


  • Individual server for monitoring station
  • Web-based visualization on Google Maps™ surface
  • Private POI management, speed and fuel diagram, route reports, vehicle uptime report, refueling report
  • Low operational costs

Application area:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet management
Pentru pret va rog
sa ne contactati
2-3 Days

Technical specifications

Dimensiunile receptorului GPS / GPS antenna dimensions 50x38x17 mm
Banda GSM / Frequency band 900/1800, 850/1900 MHz
Temperatura de operare / Operating temperature -20 C - +70 C
Tensiune de alimentare / Supply voltage 10-28 VDC
Consum curent in asteptare / Current consumption (standby) 20mA@12VDC
Consum de curent maxim / Current consumption (maximum) 500mA
Consum de curent nominal / Current consumption (nominal) 120mA
Dimensiuni / Dimensions 82x125x40 mm
Greutate / Weight 200 g
GSM telefon de tip / GSM phone type SIMCOM SIM900


Conectivitate Adaptor CAN / CAN Adapter Connectivity Da / Yes
Conectivitate senzor Diesel / Diesel Sensor Connectivity Da / Yes
Conectivitate easyFCL / easyFCL Connectivity Da / Yes
Conectivitate easyFMS / easyFMS Connectivity Da / Yes
Conectivitate easyRFID / easyRFID Connectivity Da / Yes
Conectivitate easyRPM Monitor II / easyRPM Monitor II Connectivity Da / Yes
Conectivitate easyTEMP / easyTEMP Connectivity Da / Yes
Iesire difuzor / Speaker output Da / Yes
Iesire OUT1 / OUT1 output Da / Yes
Iesire OUT2 / OUT2 output Da / Yes
Functii de alarma individuale / Individual alarm functions Da / Yes
Iesire POWER OUT / POWER OUT output Da / Yes
Trimiterea postului si a datelor de trafic în mesajul SMS / Sending position and traffic data in SMS message Da / Yes
Afisarea si înregistrarea pozitiei si a traseului / Position and route visualization Da / Yes
Detectarea RPM de la punctul comun al legaturii stea a alternatorului / RPM detection from alternator star-point Da / Yes
Evaluarea vitezei, parcarii, duratei calatoriei etc. / Evaluation of speed, parking, travel time, etc. Da / Yes
Transmiterea semnalelor sistemului de alarma catre statia de monitorizare / Forwarding of vehicle?s alarm system signals to monitoring station Da / Yes