Gate Control 20

Gate Control 20

GSM-based remote control for electric gates and barriers. No radio interference or gate opened by accident. Possibility of adding up to 20 users. No control distance limit.

GSM-based 20-users remote control for electric gates and barriers

Control of automated gates, garage doors and barriers by mobile phone without a remote control. No radio interference or gate opened by accident. Possibility of adding up to 20 users. No control distance limit!

Main features:

  • Remote control of automated gates, barriers and other controllable electric devices by free GSM call
  • Control of 2 different gates, using caller identification and by hiding caller ID
  • Possibility to register up to 20 users
  • Forwards the fault reports or other contact events of the gate control panel by SMs using 2 contact inputs
  • SMS sending limit
  • Forwards incoming SMS messages (for usage with prepaid SIM cards)
  • Programming and status query by SMS

Application area:

  • Electric gates, garage doors, barriers, parking lots, parking garages, multi-storey car parks, residential parks, other controls.
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Technical specifications

Canal de transmisie / Transmission channel GSM
Banda de frecventa / Frequency band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Temperatura de operare / Operating temperature -20 ºC - +70 ºC
Tensiune de alimentare / Supply voltage 12-30 VAC/DC
Consum curent (maxim) / Current consumption (maximum) 400 mA @ 12 VDC
Consum curent (nominal) / Current consumption (nominal) 40 mA @ 12 VDC
Carcasa / Casing Plastic
Design conector terminal / Terminal connector design Conectabil / Connectable
Dimensiuni / Dimensions 84x72x32 mm
Greutate / Weight 200g


Intrari contact / Contact inputs 2
Intrari configurabile (NO/NC) Da / Yes
Sensibilitate de intrare ajustabila / Adjustable input sensitivity Da / Yes
Iesiri releu / Relay outputs 2
Control iesire prin apel GSM gratuit / Output control through free GSM call Da / Yes
Transmitere SMS / SMS sending Da / Yes
Metoda de programare / Programming method SMS
Numere de telefon utilizator pentru redirectionarea mesajelor SMS primite / User phone numbers for forwarding incoming SMS messages 1
Numere de telefon utilizator pentru raportare / User phone numbers for reporting 1
Numar maxim de utilizatori / Maximum number of users 20
Control permis cu ID apelant ascuns / Control permissible with hidden caller ID Da / Yes
Control cu identificare apelant / Control with caller identification Da / Yes
Parola de securitate / Security password Da / Yes
Identificare apelant / Caller identification Da / Yes
Transmitere SMS individual catre numerele de telefon ale utilizatorului, cu mesaj incorporat / Individual SMS sending to user phone numbers with built-in message Da / Yes