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About Us

About Us

TELL Security Systems SRL was established in 2012, having as main objective the commercialization of GPS monitoring systems for motor vehicles and the measurement of fuel by means of liters and other security equipment. Our company is the sole distributor of Tell Software Hungaria Kft products on both GPS tracking and GSM and GPRS communications. Currently, we have about 18000 GPS monitoring units produced by our Hungarian factory and more than 10000 fuel probes which are produced in Brasov, Romania.

Our company's activities focus on the data security technology segment. Our products are based on GSM / GPRS communication opportunities. By using mobile internet technology, we develop and produce products capable of meeting the diverse needs of our partners. Among other things, we mention: fire protection systems, alarm systems, remote monitoring of motor vehicles and industrial equipment.

Our product range includes remote monitoring service, providing all the necessary items from terminal equipment to host software. Particular attention is paid to the evolution of customer needs, therefore product development is made according to these requirements. For our partners, we offer differentiated systems that allow a wide range of services, from the surveillance of one or more locations, or even a whole area of a country.

Our products and services are redeemed through the distribution network and directly to the final customers. The installation, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment is ensured at the national network level.

We support our partners in domestic competition through personalized business opportunities. Our offers are present in traditional asset purchase systems, long-term lease agreements. Right from the start of our remote monitoring activities, our unconditional collaboration is ensured. As part of a complete management system, for the depreciation of investment costs, a proportional fee system ensures a normal sales construction.

Our communications partners are Vodafone and Orange, which provides TELL products with an attractive price on the market.

In addition to the domestic market, we are present in 20 other countries, where we mainly offer remote fleet monitoring services through GPS, as a licensed partner map, Google Inc. Our products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 and 27001 quality standards and meet the OKF certified fire protection standards. Since 2014, TELL Security Systems has switched to autochthon production of lithium meters, anti-theft caps and temperature sensors.

Like other manufacturers in the industry, we try to offer high quality products to our customers and to meet our hardware and software partners' needs as quickly as possible, in line with new trends on market. We currently have good collaborations with renowned companies both in Romania and abroad. These links have been created thanks to a good understanding and timely response to the wishes and needs of the partners.

Our history is written every day with every kilometer traveled by each vehicle that is complemented by one of TELL Security Systems products, but especially the team that will be available to write history with you.

Tell Security Systems business partners

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