Pager7 - 4G.IN4.R2

Pager7 - 4G.IN4.R2

Pager7 is the new generation of contact controlled communicators, with an active dashboard setting option and an event-action system configurable at will. Pager7 can be used as a standalone alarm control device, for assuring guarding tasks with monitoring option through cameras, as an optional reporting device for alarm control panels, as well as in the field of building engineering and agriculture (for controlling based on sensor information).

Main features:

  • 4G / 3G / 2G communication
  • TELLMon and SIA IP protocol support
  • 4 configurable NO/NC zone inputs
  • 2 NO relay outputs: controllable by events and also remotely
  • Independent alarm function (arming, disarming, entry and exit delay, 24h zones, adjustable input sensitivity)
  • Configurable Contact ID event codes for every input and custom event
  • E-mail sending
  • Configurable event-action pairs
  • Active dashboard with active tiles configurable at will
  • Assigning surveillance cameras to zones and in case of alarm displaying camera images and recording them
  • Multiplatform desktop application (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • Multiplatform mobile application (iOS, Android)

Application area:

  • Standalone alarm control device
  • Assuring guarding tasks with a monitoring option through cameras
  • Optional reporting device for alarm control panels
  • Use in building engineering (controlling based on sensor information)
  • Use in agriculture (controlling based on sensor information)
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Technical specifications

Canal de transmisie / Transmission channel 4G / 3G / 2G / GSM
Banda de frecventa / Frequency band 900/2100 MHz @UMTS, 900/1800 @GSM/GPRS
Temperatura de operare / Operating temperature -20 ºC - +70 ºC
Tensiune de alimentare / Supply voltage 12-30 VAC/DC
Consum curent (maxim) / Current consumption (maximum) 500 mA @ 12 VDC
Consum curent (nominal) / Current consumption (nominal) 120 mA @ 12 VDC
Carcasa / Casing Plastic
Proiectarea conectorului terminalului / Terminal connector design Conectabil / Connectable
Dimensiuni / Dimensions 84x72x32 mm
Greutate / Weight 200 g


Intrari contact / Contact inputs 4
Intrari configurabile (NO/NC) / Configurable inputs (NO/NC) Da / Yes
Sensibilitate de intrare reglabila / Adjustable input sensitivity Da / Yes
Iesiri releu / Relay outputs 2
Control iesire prin apel GSM gratuit / Output control through free GSM call Da / Yes
Control iesire prin indicatii via apel vocal GSM / Outup control through free GSM call Da / Yes
Activare iesire in caz de defectiune GSM / Output activation on GSM fault Da / Yes
Apel vocal GSM / GSM voice call Da / Yes
Transmitere SMS / SMS sending Da / Yes
Notificare Push / Push notification Da / Yes
Raportare catre statia de monitorizare pe baza de IP / IP-based reporting to monitoring station Da / Yes
Protocol SIA IP DC-09 / SIA IP DC-09 protocol Da / Yes
Protocol TELLMon / TELLMon protocol Da / Yes
Metoda de programare / Programming method USB / IP
Soft de programare / Programming software Da / Yes
Numere de telefon utilizator pentru redirectionarea mesajelor SMS primite / User phone numbers for forwarding incoming SMS messages 8
Numere de telefon utilizator pentru raportare / User phone numbers for reporting 8
Numere de telefon utilizatori pentru controlul iesirilor / User phone numbers for output control 8/ Nelimitat / 8/ Unlimited
Adrese IP statie de monitorizare / Monitoring station IP addresses 4
Raportare individuala catre statia de monitorizare / Individual reporting to monitoring station Da / Yes
Coduri de eveniment Contact ID configurabile / Configurable internal Contact ID event codes Da / Yes
Ceas intern incorporat / Buil-in internal clock Da / Yes
Parola de securitate / Security password Da / Yes
Jurnal de evenimente / Event logs Da / Yes
Numarul evenimentelor stocate / Number of stored events 1000
Identificare apelant / Caller identification Da / Yes
Posibilitate de conectare senzor de temperatura (easyTEMP) / Possibility to connect temperature sensor (easyTEMP) Da / Yes
Aplicatie pentru dispozitive mobile / Mobile aplication Da / Yes
Transmitere e-mail individual cu mesaj predefinit / Individual e-mail sending with predefinable message Da / Yes
Transmitere SMS individual catre numerele de telefon utilizator, cu mesaj predefinit / Individual SMS sending to user phone numbers with predefinable message Da / Yes
Monitorizare temperatura si interventie prin iesiri (optional) / Temperature monitoring and intervention through the outputs (optional) Da / Yes
Raport periodic de testare / Periodic test report Da / Yes
Restrictie de alarma / Alarm restriction Da / Yes
Functie de panou de control al alarmelor (armare/ dezarmare, intarziere de intrare si iesire) / Alarm control panel function (arming/ disarming, entry and exit delay) Da / Yes
Zone de 24 ore selectabile / Selectable 24h zones Da / Yes
Cerere de confirmare selectabila de la numerele de telefon ale utilizatorului / Selectable confirmation request from user phone numbers Da / Yes
Suport server NTP / NTP server support Da / Yes
Suport camera IP / IP camera support Da / Yes