IP Bridge - 4G.IN6.R6

IP Bridge - 4G.IN6.R6

Complex communicator, which offers a solution for connecting alarm systems to remote monitoring stations. It can be used as a standalone reporting device or even as an IP-based control device. IP Bridge makes it possible to remotely configure alarm control panels and also enables communication between devices with RS232 interface over the Internet.

Main features:

  • Simulated phone line output
  • 6 NO/NC (configurable) contact inputs
  • 6 NO (open in default) relay outputs
  • 1 RS232 input
  • 1 Ethernet connector
  • 1 USB host
  • 4G modem
  • Wired internet / 4G-based IP communication
  • TEX/ TELLMon/ SIA IP protocol support
  • Transparent serial port support
  • E-mail sending
  • Server support RADIUS
  • Server support NTP
  • HTTP/ HTTPS protocol support
  • Built-in web server for configuration
  • Supported operating system: Windows 10

Application area:

  • Connecting alarm system with monitoring stations
  • Independent communicator
  • IP-based control module
  • Remote programming of alarm control panels
  • Communication between devices with RS232 interface
  • Use in building engineering (HVAC)

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Technical specifications

Canal de transmisie / Transmission channel 4G / 3G / 2G / LAN
Banda de frecventa / Frequency band 900/2100 MHz @UMTS, 900/1800 @GSM/GPRS
Temperatura de operare / Operating temperature -20 ºC - +70 ºC
Tensiune de alimentare / Supply voltage 12-24V DC
Consum curent (maxim) / Current consumption (maximum) 700 mA @ 12 VDC
Consum curent (nominal) / Current consumption (nominal) 320 mA @ 12 VDC
Carcasa / Casing Plastic
Dimensiuni / Dimensions 131x82x37 mm
Greutate / Weight 200 g


Intrari contact / Contact inputs 6
Intrari configurabile (NO/NC) / Configurable inputs (NO/NC) Da / Yes
Intrari EOL / EOL inputs Da / Yes
Sensibilitate de intrare reglabila / Adjustable input sensitivity Da / Yes
Iesiri de releu / Relay outputs 6
Transmitere e-mail / E-mail sending Da / Yes
Notificari Push / Push notification Da / Yes
Raportare catre statia de monitorizare pe baza de IP / IP-based reporting to monitoring station Da / Yes
Protocol SIA IP DC-09 / SIA IP DC-09 protocol Da / Yes
Protocol TELLMon / TELLMon protocol Da / Yes
Protocol TEX / TEX protocol Da / Yes
Metoda de programare / Programming method IP
Adrese IP statie de monitorizare / Monitoring station IP addresses 6
Raportare individuala catre statia de monitorizare / Individual reporting to monitoring station Da / Yes
Coduri interne de eveniment Contact ID configurabile / Configurable internal Contact ID event codes Da / Yes
Parola de securitate / Security password Da / Yes
Filtrarea codurilor de eveniment Contact ID / Filtering of Contact ID event codes Da / Yes
Jurnal evenimente / Event logs Da / Yes
Numar evenimente stocate / Number of stored events 500
Aplicatie mobila / Mobile application Da / Yes
Transmitere email individual, cu mesaj predefinit / Individual email sending with predefinable message Da / Yes
Raport periodic de testare / Periodic test report Da / Yes
Restrictie de alarma / Alarm restriction Da / Yes
Emulare linie telefonica / Phone line emulation Da / Yes
Suport server NTP / NTP server support Da / Yes
Suport server RADIUS / RADIUS server support Da / Yes
Suport pentru port serial transparent / Transparent serial port support Da / Yes