IP monitoring receiver for dispatching the signals of SIA IP and TEX communicators produced by TELL.

General characteristics:

  • Independent monitoring receiver, capable of using 3G connection, based on TELLMon protocol
  • Compatible with TEX and TELLMon protocols
  • Optional 3G modem (private APN communicator connection)
  • Redundant internet connection: signals are received simultaneously via 3G and through the LAN interface
  • Reliable product with stable operating system based on Linux
  • Data transfer via serial port: when connected to an existing system, it is able to transfer the communication of other receivers to the monitoring software (with transparent data transfer)
  • Save event log and firmware update from USB memory
  • Simple and clear graphical interface for local and remote configuration and monitoring
  • Capable of transmitting even 2000 communication signals simultaneously
  • Compact, silent, durable, low energy consumption, no moving parts
700.00 € +TVA
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Technical specifications

Dimensiuni 190x218x64 mm
Greutate 1,5kg
Tensiunea de alimentare 230V AC / 12V DC


Conexiune 3G Optional
Transmite semnalele receptionate prin portul RS232 local Da
Receptie semnal prin IP Da
Receptia semnalelor TELL GPRS ale comunicatorului care utilizeaza protocolul criptat (TEX) Da
Primirea semnalelor comunicatorului TELL SIA IP Da