Monitoring software for mobile dispatching and on multiple computers

Main Features:

  • Soft, expandable for dispatcher
  • Version for rulable on multiple computers, modules can run on different computers
  • Modern, reliable, high-security, modular architecture
  • Various and extensive functions
  • Available in English and Hungarian (can be translated individually in any language using the language manager software)

Embedded software modules:

  • Method of administration
  • Operator mode
  • Data management mode
  • How to save data
  • How to display data remotely
  • How to check the server database
  • How to manage the parameters
  • Digital map generator

Options for extension:

  • Email extension mode
        automatically send or initiate e-mail
  • SMS extension mode
        sends SMS automatically to events receiving
  • Extension WebRiport mode
        viewing event log Internet
  • Extension initiator analog call mode
        initiation call by simply clicking
  • Extension initiator VoIP call mode
        initiation VoIP call by simply clicking

Software Options:

  • Category event reporting 
  • Temporarily disable test signal monitoring 
  • Modular Extension of Administrator Reports with Export Option
  • Grouping clients 
  • Extended logging of user activities 
  • Operator Rights Management 
  • How to administer 
  • Remote display mode 
  • How to manage the parameters
  • Operator mode
  • How to save data
  • How to check the database server
  • Harness generator mode
  • Data manager mode 
  • GPS Coordinate Record Capability for Customers 
  • Simple report for days ago with a click
  • Single customer report (multiple) select
  • Simple report for any period in a few seconds 
  • Automatic Recurring Restrict
  • Restriction of data management for operators 
  • Temporary client restriction 
  • Manually restricting event groups 
  • Temporary Restriction to Client Inventions 
  • Temples 
  • Automatic Network Save 
  • Manually save over the network 
  • Windows-compatible database server 
  • Single computer version 
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Technical specifications


Management drepturi operator Da
Restrictionare temporara client Da
Server de baza de date compatibil cu Windows Da