CAN Adapter

CAN Adapter

Remote Tracking and Surveillance System with Internet Functionality. With the data transmitted as a GPRS package through the GSM system, the current situation of the vehicle can be determined on the monitor in the dispatcher center. GPRS technology provides online data and real-time tracking.

Optional CAN interface for easyTRACK II BASE and FULL modulesOptional CAN interface for easyTRACK II BASE and FULL modules

Makes available different data from the vehicle’s CAN bus for graphs, reports and notifications.

Available CAN data (vehicle-dependent):

  • vehicle speed
  • engine speed
  • vehicle mileage
  • fuel level
  • total fuel consumption
  • acceleration position
0.00 € +TVA
2-3 Days

Technical specifications

Dimensiuni 40x32x14 mm
Greutate 15g
Tensiunea de alimentare 10-28V DC
Consum curent 22mA


easyTRACK II BASE connectivity Da
easyTRACK II FULL connectivity Da