GPRS ProCom in metal box with 230V / 12V-1,3A adapter (12V 7Ah battery)

  • Assistant Dialing Device
  • Call and send SMS by pressing a button
  • Automatically responds to hands-free calls
  • Speed ​​dial function
  • Play recordable messages as daily reminders
  • Call and send SMS when the set temperature thresholds are exceeded
  • Report healthcare visit to SMS and / or call
  • Emergency hand transmitter
  • Digital clock display


  • General Emergency Signaling Device
  • Report accident, attack or bad feeling by simply pressing a button
  • The emergency transmitter ensures the user's freedom of movement within the device's range
  • Daily reminders assist in checking the patient's condition and medication
  • Patient status information can be received immediately by voice call
  • Easy to use, specially designed for elderly people to use in an emergency


  • Event Effect
300.00 € +TVA

Technical specifications

Banda GSM 900/1800, 850/1900 MHz
Dimensiuni 176x100x30 mm
Greutate 300g
GSM telefon de tip SIMCOM SIM900
Temperatura de operare 0 C - +70 C
Tensiune de alimentare 9-30 VDC
Consum de curent maxim 500mA @ 12VDC
Consum de curent nominal 180mA @ 12VDC


Apelare automata (apel de urgenta) Da
Canal de transmisie GSM
Ceas intern incorporat Da
Coduri interne Contact ID configurabile Da
Cutie Plastic
Identificare apelant Da
Lista de evenimente / numarul inregistrabil de evenimente Da / 1000
Mod de programare USB / apel de date GSM (CSD)
Numere de telefon de utilizator pentru retrimiterea mesajelor SMS primite 1
Numere de telefon de utilizator pentru trimitere raport 4
Parola de securitate Da
Soft de programare Da
Trimitere semnal de test periodic Da
Trimitere SMS individual la telefonul utilizatorului cu mesaj configurabil Da