Main features:

  • GPRS/IP and GSM communication
  • Direct IP communication with TELLMon receivers
  • Direct communication with SIA IP receivers through IP
  • Direct communication with DTMF receivers through backup GSM call
  • SIA IP and TELLMon protocol
  • 1 phone line output
  • Forwards incoming SMS messages
  • The programming software is available on the built-in USB storage
  • The IP addresses and other settings can be configured by SMS or PC


  • Can be used with any alarm system which is able to report to monitoring station in Contact ID format using PSTN landline. Using the adapter, the alarm control panel’s signals are sent to the monitoring station’s IP receiver over the GPRS network, using SIA IP protocol based on ANSI/SIA DC-09-2007 standard.
  • There is no need for a central server, only an IP receiver with Internet connection is necessary. The adapter is able to communicate with receivers which support the SIA IP protocol.
  • Forwards the signals to 4 IP addresses, depending on the alarm control panel’s settings.
  • Contact ID communication over GSM voice call in case of IP error.
  • Possibility to send test report to more IP address and continuous monitoring of the connections, for which it evaluates and shows estimated data traffic.
  • Simple visual status display and full status information on PC platform.
  • By connecting the device to a PC, its internal memory acts as a USB drive, on which the programming software and manual are available.

Application area:

  • GPRS communicator for alarm control panels, which converts the Contact ID communication into SIA IP format and forwards the events towards the monitoring station’s receiver using IP channel over mobile GPRS network.
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Technical specifications

Banda GSM 900/1800, 850/1900 MHz
Dimensiuni 100x70x19 mm
Greutate 80g
GSM telefon de tip SIMCOM SIM900
Temperatura de operare -20 C - +70 C
Tensiune de alimentare 9-30 VDC
Consum de curent maxim 400mA
Consum de curent nominal 80mA


Adaptarea centralelor de alarma pe retea GPRS Da
Canal de transmisie GPRS / GSM
Ceas intern incorporat Da
Cutie Nu are (PCB)
Emulare linie de telefon Da
Mod de programare USB / SMS
Numere de telefon de utilizator pentru retrimiterea mesajelor SMS primite 1
Soft de programare Da
Tip conector de terminale Montat pe placa