GPRS Adapter

GPRS Adapter

General characteristics:

  • Emulation of the telephone line
  • PSTN line control
  • Programmable through USB, IP
  • GPRS / GSM data transfer

Features of the GPRS Adapter:

  • Transferring the Contact IDs of the GPRS channel alarm stations
  • Backup modes:
    • GSM line
    • Classic phone line
  • Continuous testing of the connection, even every 3 minutes
  • Significantly increased signal density and connectivity of many terminal devices (2000 devices / TEX GPRS Server)
  • Signals are transmitted as an IP packet to the TEX GPRS server. The server communication protocol corresponds to the classical receivers, so it is ready for installation in existing surveillance systems
  • Independent contact input to which you can assign a desired Contact ID ID (eg sabotage signal)
  • Surveillance of the classic telephone line
  • Possibility of filtering events in GSM mode
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Technical specifications

Banda GSM 900/1800, 850/1900 MHz
GSM telefon de tip SIMCOM SIM900
Dimensiuni 84x72x32 mm
Temperatura de operare -20 C - +70 C
Greutate 200 g
Tensiune de alimentare 9-30 VAC/DC
Consum de curent maxim 500mA
Consum de curent nominal 100mA


Configurabile coduri interne de contact ID Da
Canal de transmisie GPRS / GSM / PSTN
Filtrare dupa contact ID Da
Invelis Plastic
Intrari de contact 1
Raportarea individuala catre statia de monitorizare Da
Raport de încercare periodica Da
Metoda de programare USB / IP
Software de programare Da
Urmarirea liniei PSTN Da
Adaptarea panourilor de control al alarmelor în reteaua GPRS Da
Adaptarea panourilor de control al alarmelor în reteaua GSM Da
Programarea la distanta a panourilor de control al alarmelor prin apelul de date GSM (CSD / BELL103) Da
Conectarea conectorului terminalului Conectabil
Emularea liniei telefonice Da
Protocolul TEX Da